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What are the benefits of buying the Luxury Yacht NFT at launch?

Our launch prices are 20% lower than what you would expect to pay for a ready yacht of similar specifications and it entitles you to a build slot with a wait time of up to 15 months for delivery. In addition, customers who purchase NFTs at launch are invited to explore our Bespoke programme with its customising options of finest wood, leather and furnishing choices.

What is the payment term?

In order to be entitled to your very own Luxury Yacht NFT, full payment has to be made in exchange for the NFT ownership transfer and to reserve your build slot.

What can I do with the Luxury Yacht NFT?

As a new owner of the NFT, you are free to resell the NFT anytime to anyone during the build phase of the yacht, this would mean that whoever owns the NFT when the physical yacht is fully built, will receive the tangible asset.

Would you be able to help me resell my Luxury Yacht NFT?

Yes. For example, if you would like to upgrade your yacht after a few years, we can support to resell your NFT and facilitate the transfer of the NFT and hand over of your physical yacht to the new owner.

Is there any progressive payment scheme?

Yes. You may speak with our representatives and authorised dealers for more details. The differences are that the price will be at a premium and you will only be issued your Luxury Yacht NFT after the final payment is made together with the delivery of the yacht. 

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