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Phygital: The Best of Both Worlds

When most people think of NFT, they naturally think of it from a digital framework. After all, the underlying technology that allows people to create NFTs in the first place exists mostly as software, named as blockchain technology. But can NFTs be linked to physical objects? The answer is yes.

Tangible is a new trend that involves the combination of a smart contract with an actual physical asset. Some examples of tangible NFTs include artworks with accompanying digital NFTs, physical collectible cards with digital counterparts, and even physical real estate documents with a corresponding digital NFT.

The Art of Owning Physical Assets Through NFTs

One of the main features of NFTs is that they are unique and cannot be replaced with another identical item. This allows the owner of a tangible NFT to prove ownership and authenticity of the physical object. Tangible NFTs can be bought and sold in the same way as other types of NFTs, with the added benefit of being able to physically hold and display the object.

The use of tangible NFTs can provide additional value to collectors and enthusiasts, as they can physically display and appreciate the object as well as owning the digital version. It can also help to increase the perceived value of the NFT, as the physical object adds another layer of rarity and uniqueness.

Super Yachts Transaction via NFT?

The first Super Yacht NFT project that was a 63m superyacht that was designed by Gregory C. Marshall. It was successfully sold for 95 million in the crypto currency Ethereum and the owner was authenticated 100% of their ownership on the blockchain. It is transparent and visible to everyone. According to Cloud Yachts, this is the world's most expensive NFT as it is a one-on-one virtual replica of an authentic superyacht with party lights, navigation system, lounge areas and entertainment facilities. Marshall partnered with Cloud Yachts to introduce a new NFT concept into yacht design and sales and the response was incredible.

Andrew Grant Super, of Berkeley Rand and Deer Hague explained, “We've been working with oceanographers to plot specific coordinates just off the main superyacht routes in the Caribbean and in the Balearics. Essentially what we are doing is gamifying the entire process. We are gamifying access to the online portal with all the NFTs, which can only be accessed via the superyachts themselves successfully reaching the coordinates. If they are not prepared to do it then they can't see the portal and the portal will have all of the top NFTs that we're going to be marketing for a very limited time, with very limited access and at very limited prices.”

Our Vision with Luxury Yacht NFTs

Our main goal is not only to revitalize people's perspective of yachting, but to also increase the financial utility of a luxury vessel. We are simplifying not only a complex initial build process but the sustainability of the yacht by integrating all design and build data into a Smart Contract. NFT holders will also have special access to ongoing benefits that are both virtual and in the real world such as docking privileges, event invites, software access, and more. Yacht owners will also be able to easily resell their yachts in the future by simply listing the NFT.

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