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Blockchain Tech For Good

Blockchain Tech for Good

We are simplifying not only a complex initial build process but the sustainability of the yacht by integrating all design and build data into a Smart Contract. NFT holders will also have special access to ongoing benefits that are both virtual and in the real world such as docking privileges, event invites, software access, etc. Yacht owners will also be able to easily resell their yachts in the future by simply listing the NFT.

Yacht Blue Prints

NFT Launch Sales

Purchase our Super Yachts through our special NFT launch sales and acquire official blueprints, and title deed to your new sustainable leisure craft.

Product Delivery

We will have your Super Yacht built and shipped to you within 15 months of you purchasing your specific yacht NFT. Deliveries are made at Port of Singapore. Other arrangements can be made as well.

Keppel Club
Data Management

Data Management

Your Super Yacht's data (mileage, servicing records, etc) will automatically be saved on the blockchain and updated into your NFT for future resale purposes.

After Service

We have dedicated facilities within the region to support your Yacht's maintenance needs and we can help you resell your NFT (including physical asset) to our community at anytime.

Singapore After Service
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